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Launa's Laminated Pasta Workshop

Launa's Laminated Pasta Workshop

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In this hands-on workshop we will be making beautiful herb-laminated pasta. We’ll start by mixing the dough, and rolling and stretching it with a pasta machine. Then we’ll create designs by embedding fresh herbs right into the sheets. We’ll cut the laminated sheets into a few different shapes suited to display the pretty herb designs.

This is a workshop and does not include dinner.

You will receive step by step instructions, a list of herbs that will compliment laminated pasta and ideas on how to serve your friends and family beautiful laminated pasta.

This workshop will be roughly 90 minutes and includes a snack at the pasta table while laminating. You are welcome to bring your own wine to the pasta table,

Laminated pasta is an art and can be tricky to make, but once you do it you’ll see how fun and rewarding it is.

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